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Rubber products

Rubber products

GUST-Spezialartikel convince all along the line: they are quickly available, exceptionally versatile and of outstanding quality. Benefit from our manufacturing competence in the implementation of your special articles made of elastomers.

Special rubber articles in all variations
The product range of our articles made of rubber and other elastomers is extensive and varied. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

We manufacture articles according to your specifications:

NBR (nitrile rubber), silicone, NR (natural rubber), CR (chloroprene rubber), EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber) 

For e. g. the following products:

Seals, decoupling elements, edge protection, transport belts and much more.

We can use a number of very different manufacturing processes to shape any material. Whether turning, milling, grinding, punching, embossing, water jet cutting, laminating, laminating, welding or various bonding techniques – we always select the most suitable machining process that exactly meets your requirements. Convince yourself of our possibilities. 

Rubber bearing

  • Quality NBR 80° Shore A
  • Field of application: Rubber bearings
  • Manufacturing: Water jet cutting & milling

Rubber cap

  • Quality EPDM 65° Shore A
  • Application: Sealing cap square tube
  • Manufacturing: Water jet cutting & milling

Rubber gasket

  • Quality: NK 50° Shore A
  • Field of application: Damping bearings
  • Manufacturing: Water jet cutting & milling

Rubber blank

  • Quality: Viton®
  • Application: Sealing
  • Manufacturing: water jet cutting

Viton®Product description of DuPont Performance Elastomers for their fluoroelastomers. The relatively expensive Viton® is used in technology as a sealing material with high thermal and chemical resistance, for example as an Oring seal for detachable flange connections in vacuum technology. More on Wikipedia

Rubber profile strip

  • Quality: EPDM 65° Shore A
  • Application: Sealing
  • Manufacturing: water jet cutting

CR (neoprene) rubber cap turned

  • Cap & Plug for pipe ends & Tank cap
  • mechanically made from plate
  • Machining method turning or milling

Rubber moulding

  • Quality: EPDM 65° Shore A
  • Field of application: Door lock seal
  • Manufacturing: Water jet cutting & milling

Rubber angle

  • Quality: EPDM 50° Shore A
  • Application: Sealing
  • Manufacturing: Water jet cutting & milling

Combi chamber doctor blade seal

  • End seal (EndSeal) for squeegee chambers
  • Rubber bonded with felt and impregnated
  • Dimensions according to customer requirementss

Neoprene flat gaskets

  • CR Flat gaskets
  • punched, plotter or water jet cut
  • Qualities from NBR, EPDM, CR, Viton etc. possible

Multilayer silicone gasket

  • Silicone sealing ring with rubber core
  • Water jet cut and glued
  • Material qualities according to customer requirements

NBR rubber bush turned

  • Guide bushing made of NBR
  • NBR (Perbunan) is oil resistant
  • made of plate (turned part)

NBR rubber bearing 90 degrees twisted water jet cut

  • Rubber holder for air filter (racing)
  • Water jet cut
  • Rubber quality depending on application

Silicone foam sealing ring

  • Combination of silicone foam bonded with silicone
  • made of plate
  • punched, plotter & water jet cut

EPDM blade holder flat gasket

  • EPDM cutting Ozone and UV-resistant
  • Special design in grey
  • cut as punched part & water jet

Neoprene profile gasket 65 Shore A

  • Sealing piece for profiles
  • made of plate (water jet)
  • Material according to requirements

NK sealing ring with bores, pipe bottle sealing ring

  • Flange gasket for pipelines
  • with – and without fabric inlays
  • Dimensions and quality according to customer specifications

Silicone filling piece

  • Silicone 60 Shore A Insert
  • milled from plate
  • Temperature resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius

Vullkolan ring

  • Vullkolan decoupling element
  • Hardnesses 70, 80 and 90 +/;- 5 Shore
  • made of plate water jet & milled

EPDM rubber foot milled and bonded

  • Prototype made of plate
  • split, water jet cut, milled and glued
  • Material quality according to customer requirements

Silicone disk red

  • Multilayer seal & seal combination
  • made of different silicone plates
  • Special production / special articles according to customer requirements


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