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Products made of cellular materials

Products made of cellular materials

Dynamic – Elastic – Resistant

The precise processing of soft foams is a great challenge that we are up to. In addition to soft foams, you can also get rigid foams of different cell sizes and porosity from us: from a density of approx. 20 kg/m³ up to structural foam in the range of 200 kg/m³ we convert your ideas into foam.

Depending on batch size and material, we use different manufacturing processes for the processing of your articles. These include punching, water jet cutting or CNC contour cutting. Some products are then glued, welded, laminated or self-adhesive. Which processes are ultimately used is determined by the economic efficiency, taking into account the required precision of your special articles.



PE foam chamber doctor blade

  • Quality: Lunairmed
  • Field of application: wiper & seal
  • Manufacturing: water jet cutting

PE foam-seal

  • Quality: RG 60
  • Area of application: wiper/seal
  • Manufacturing: Punched

Window profile Sealing piece

  • Quality: Cellular rubber EPDM
  • Range of application: Seal & filler piece
  • Manufacturing: water jet cutting

Cellular rubber blank

  • Quality: Cellular rubber CR (neoprene)
  • Range of application: Seal / filler piece
  • Manufacturing: water jet cutting

various PUR soft foam blanks (boards)

  • Sheet material made of polyurethane soft foam
  • density weights from 20 to 120 Kg/m³
  • also self-adhesive

chamber doctor blade

  • Quality: Cellular Vulkollan® RG 35
  • Area of application: wiper / seal
  • Manufacturing: water jet cutting

Stop buffer made of composite foam one-sided self-adhesive

  • PUR composite foam buffer
  • density 80 to 220 Kg/m³
  • Cut according to sample & drawing

Wetting sponge for circular knives

  • Sponge with PES coating
  • Use as wetting sponge
  • prevents adhesive transfer to circular knives

EPDM – cellular rubber KissKut on roll

  • Leave punched parts on strip
  • Stamped parts can be machined be handed over
  • Dimensions & Quality according to customer specification
  • one-sided self-adhesive

EPDM Zellkautschukschlauch

  • product Data 1
  • product Data 2
  • product Data 3

EPDM cellular rubber rollers

  • Rollers /hoses made of cellular rubber
  • Dimension a Ø up to 55 mm, 500 mm long
    i Ø according to customer requirements
  • Quality according to customer specifications

EPDM cellular rubber gasket

  • Contour according to sample & drawing
  • Qualities according to sample & customer specification
  • Water jet cut

Felt insert

  • wiper & oil pad etc.
  • Wool felt & needle felt
  • from 20 to 56 grams/cm³

Felt chamber doctor blade seal

  • Chamber doctor blade made of wool felt
  • impregnated & unimpregnated
  • according to sample & drawing
  • punched & water jet cut

Felt ring for gearbox cover

  • Needle felt punched
  • Quality according to drawing
  • automotive

LD 45 application

  • LD 45 packaging insert
  • according to customer specification
  • Water jet cut

Lunairmed end seal

  • Endseal for printing machines
  • Quality according to sample & customer specification
  • Water jet cut

Sponge rubber Doctor blade seal

  • Chamber doctor blade seal for printing machines
  • Sponge rubber 18 / Shore A
  • Contour according to sample drawing

PUR sealing ring for optical measuring instruments

  • Guide ring & Limiting ring
  • PUR soft foam RG 20
  • Water jet cut

EVA – foam squeegee seal

  • Chamber doctor blade (endseal) flexographic printing
  • highly elastic, flexible
  • Contour according to sample & customer specification

PE foam seal for bicycle battery

  • Use as a seal against rain
  • Material according to customer specification
  • Water jet cut

PE foam finger protection, pinch protection

  • Anti-jamming protection in furniture construction
  • Material PE foam RG 30
  • Water jet cut & milled

PE foam flat gasket, punched, plotter cut, water jet cut

  • PE insert for mobile phone,
    Business card and pen
  • Water jet cut
  • Dimensions according to sample
    customer request

PE foam strip one-sided self-adhesive equipped on 5 m roll

  • Sealing strip on roll
  • Length & dimensions according to
    customer specification
  • Quality according to sample & customer specification

PE foam blank, filling piece

  • made of PE foam RG 33
  • Water jet cut, contour cut
  • Dimensions according to sample & 
    customer drawing

PE foam blank as displacement body

  • several blanks on length
  • screwed and pipe for
  • liquid compensation
  • Weight and volume reduction

PE transport protection corner with hinge

  • Packaging of equipment inserted at all 8 corners.
  • Make sure there’s no contact to the cardboard wall & packaging is done
  • Dimension according to customer specification

PTFE coated chamber doctor blade (Endseal)

  • Chamber doctor blade with sliding coating
  • Endseal printing machines
  • according to sample & customer specification

Soft foam Body gasket single-sided self-adhesive

  • PUR soft foam gasket
  • Ventilation duct seal Automotive
  • one-sided self-adhesive, water jet cut

PTFE coated chamber doctor blade (end seals), cellular rubber platerubber insert with feltfelt impregnated with silicone oil

  • Overview of various chamber doctor blades and pressure pads
  • with PUR-, Teflon-, felt coatings
  • Water jet cut

PUR foam hose as rattle protection

  • PUR flexible foam hose
  • Dimensions from iØ 5 & Ø 15 mm up to iØ 45 & aØ 55 mm, max. 2000 mm long
  • Wall thickness 5 or 7. 5 mm
  • Use as rattle protection, packaging Protective hose in automotive etc

PUR soft foam CissCut punched

  • Cutting sheet with foam strip
  • one-sided self-adhesive, kisskut die-cut
  • Punched part easily removable

PUR soft foam gasket one-sided self-adhesive

  • PUR soft foam punched part
  • one-sided self-adhesive, punched out
  • Used as a seal for air vents
  • Dimensions & quality according to customer requirements

PUR soft foam roller, centring roller, guide roller

  • Foam roll made of soft foam
  • Water jet cut, ground
  • Quality RG6060, grey
  • Dimensions according to customer specification

Poron chamber doctor blade, doctor blade seal, end seal

  • Poron Endseal / Chamber doctor blade
  • Water steel cut
  • Dimensions according to sample & drawing

PUR soft foam die-cut, self-adhesive on one side

  • PUR flexible foam RG 2830
  • one-sided self-adhesive
  • Quality & dimensions according to customer requirements

PVC flat gasket

  • Application Automotive
  • Dimensions according to customer specifications
  • punched, water jet cut

PZ 45 Chamber doctor blade

  • PE foam chamber doctor blade
  • Use in flexo printing machines
  • Dimensions according to sample & drawing

PZ 50 Doctor blade seal

  • EVA doctor seal & endseal
  • highly elastic restoring force
  • Dimension according to sample & drawing

Products made of cellular materials

  • Product overview cellular materials
  • Stamped parts, turned parts, water jet parts
  • made of sponge rubber, cellular rubber, PUR soft foam, PE foam

Pipe insulation Heating pipe distributor Foam pipe as cable flap protection

  • Kaiflex pipe machined
  • Heating pipe manifold insulation
  • slotted and perforated
  • Dimension according to customer specification

Foam pressure roller with plastic bearing, smooth running

  • Pressure roller made of RG 6060
  • Bearing axle Ø 6 mm self-clamping
  • Dimensions according to customer specification

Foam rings, self-adhesive – KissCut

  • PE foam rings on sheets
  • easily removable, CissCut punched
  • Quality according to customer specifications

Foam roll, cellular rubber roll, foam tube as rattle protection

  • Rolls & Covers
  • Use as covers, protective tube, stop, pressure roller
  • cellular materials made of PUR soft foam, cellular rubber

Foam hose made of PUR flexible foam RG 23

  • PUR flexible foam hose
  • Use as rattle protection (automotive)
  • Dimensions from iØ 5 mm / aØ 15 mm to iØ 45 / aØ 55 mm, wall thickness 5 or 7. 5 mm

Super soft cellular rubber, one-sided self-adhesive, KissCut punched

  • Cellular rubber blanks one-sided self-adhesive
  • punched on roll KissKutt
  • Material Nitto or according to customer requirements

Sponge rubber & PE foam blanks (sheet material)

  • Sponge rubber & PE foam sheets
  • Dimensions by block format
  • Split on strength according to customer specifications

Sponge rubber roller & sponge rubber pig

  • Sponge rubber products
  • Pressure roller, sponge rubber pigs
  • Dimensions according to sample & customer specification

Stamped parts

  • Overview of Punched Shelf Seals
  • made of PE foam, PUR foam, PTFE, foam rubber
  • with & without self-adhesion

Showcase insert Whisky cups & wine glasses

  • Insert made of PE foam RG 45
  • with cut-outs for wine and whisky glasses
  • Dimensions according to sample & customer specification

Cellular rubber pipe and EPDM seals

  • Overview Cellular Rubber Articles
  • cellular rubber pipe, cellular rubber ring, cellular rubber blanks
  • Areas of application anti-jamming protection, mechanical engineering, automotive

Cellulkollan chamber doctor blade RG 35

  • Doctor blade seal made of Zellasto RG 35
  • Use in flexo printing machines
  • Dimensions according to sample customer specification

Logos from different inserts

  • Club logo, Community logo
  • made of PE foam
  • according to template & customer specification

Vullkolan brake element

  • Cellullkolan blank
  • braking element
  • Use in mechanical engineering


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